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英文求职信 篇1

Dear leaders:


  Thank you for your busy schedule to take time to read this!

  XXX I am now the University of XX-class graduates this years Law, with a sincere, earnest, full of vigor and vitality of the heart that you wish to apply!

  University for four years, after the teachers carefully cultivated, and my personal efforts, I have been fully equipped with the contemporary college students should have all aspects of the quality and capacity. With a more extensive knowledge of the humanities and social sciences on the basis of the system, I grasp the legal subjects of expertise, but also a certain degree of proficiency in science and engineering knowledge, proficiency in foreign languages, can be skilled to operate the computer, at school during the school door as a result of the results excellent access to college has a second-class scholarship.

  Forge ahead, never to be complacent is my motto. I am not satisfied with the economic law in their own professional majors and a minor trade for two years undergraduate English majors. The second professional has given me a wealth of management, international trade, Anglo-American culture, knowledge, and English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability with a relatively high level. In addition, enterprise management, application writing, be good at marketing. A solid academic and psychological maturity so I am confident that integration into the highly competitive society.

  Theory and practice is equally important for me. I actively participated in school club activities during the period, exercise capacity and coordination of the organization,after school hours for part-time tutor, marketing, and strive for self-improvement, self-reliance. In the winter, during the summer vacation, I went to the courts, prosecutors, law firm practice and the practice of writing reports and papers, so the theory with practice. In short, I cherish every opportunity for practical work, and accumulated a certain amount of social experience.

  I am a honest loyal, diligent and realistic, and the constant pursuit of personal self-improvement, I am optimistic about the character of self-confidence, modest, cheerful, generous and stable, so I harmonious interpersonal relationships, ability to adapt to the environment. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, music and art inspired by my creativity and imagination, volleyball and dance culture of sports has been my sense of teamwork and collaboration.

  In short, full-minded, good health and abundant energy is the wealth I will. Please be assured that your vision and my strength, give me a give full play to their talent, the opportunity to contribute!

  I wish the cause of development and bright future!



英文求职信 篇2













  Dear Sir or Madam:

  I am writing in response to the advertisement you placed in the Sunday paper for a sales manager in your company. Your company has a reputation for producing high-quality products like Mandolin network system. I am interested in joining such a professional organization.

  As you can see from the enclosed resume, my previous work in an export company has provided me with lots of opportunities to contact all kinds of customers and suppliers home and abroad. By communicating with them, I have got very familiar with the international trade and the current market. Besides, my educational training at university concentrated also on international trade which equipped me with a solid foundation in sales and trade.

  As such, I believe that my service could be of great benefit to your company in terms of customer relation and new business connections.

  I hope to have an opportunity to meet your human resource manager in order to let you know more about me. I enclose a resume and could be available for an interview at your convenience. Looking forwar

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Sir,

  In reference to your advertisement in the JobsPower。com for a playground director, I believe that I have the qualifications to fit your position。

  I hold a degree in Physical Education from the University of South Dakota。 Along with my physical education courses,I also selected many courses in psychology and child management。 During the summers, I worked as a volunteer playground director in several suburban areas surrounding the university。In the summer of 1983, I was an assistant in charge of organized sports for younger boys in Walton, south Dakota。 The year after that,I was placed in charge of a large summer program for under privileged children in the large city of Millon, South Dakota。 My supervisor during this time was William Johnson。 He has consented to act as a reference for me。

  My additional experience includes working as a City Park Recreation Director in Rockford, South Dakota for the years of 1985 to the present time。 In this position I am responsible for the programs in all the city park, including all organized recreation and night-time sports。

  If you feel that I am suited for the job that you have in mind, please inform me of the time convenient for an interview。 I hope to hear from you in the near future。

  Sincerely yours

英文求职信 篇4

  room 212 building 343

  shanghaiuniversity,shanghai XX00

  ms. yang:

  i was referred to you by mr. zhang, a partner with your beijing office, who informed me that the shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your auditor program.

  i have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an auditor last year with the beijing office of cccc. i will be receiving my mba this may from tsinghua university. i am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company. i understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. my background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive auditor upon completion of your development program.

  i will be in the shanghai area the week of april 16. please call me at 136001216901 to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. i look forward to meeting you then.












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